Why can’t i just love you?

Why can't I just love you

If the morning still comes, one after one
It’s because I need another day,
To find the words,
To write them down,
To find the way,
To let you know,
That I love you and I will always do.

If the wind still blows, from place to place
It’s because I need them to transport my message,
From me to you, far away
To let you know,
That I am right here,
Waiting for you,
No matter how long it will take, I will wait.

If the rain is still falling down, drop after drop
It’s because I like to sit here,
Near my window,
Spending my time,
Watching the rain,
And at the same time,
I could think about you,
The rain is beautiful, exactly as how you look like.

If the birds are still singing, louder and louder
It’s because I ask them to sing a song,
The song that I wrote especially for you,
And when you hear it,
You would know,
You would feel,
How long I have waited for you
How much I love you, how much I care about you.

If you still hear the sermons, from pagoda to pagoda
It’s because I am praying for you,
I am praying to meet you one day,
I will bring you to Van Restaurant,
I will bring you to Chinese Restaurant,
I will bring you to Pizza Company,
I will bring you to KFC,
Anywhere you like, I will invite you a dinner.

If the empty Cyclo is still there, down the Sisowath Quey
It’s because I ask the driver to wait,
I know soon or later you will arrive,
You and I, we will make a ride,
Around the City,
To the Riverbank,
To Wat Phnom,
To Phsa Thmey,
And you will see how happy I am, to have you near.

Everything is possible my dear, even you are near or far
Why can’t I just love you?
Why can’t I just think about you?
Why can’t I just miss you?
And if even you don’t exist,
Why can’t I just create you?


Written with accompany of music from Yiruma – Love me

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The post was written and published on Aug 13, 2010. From time to time I will republish the post I like the most. Hope this could give you a new experience to old but good contents on KhmerBird.

Peace and love

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  1. says

    hello KB.. i went to Van Restaurant yesterday to join my friend’s birthday party.. I arrived a bit earlier than others.. someone bring a Menu for me to choose what i wanted to eat.. i thought about an easy food but in fact it was not easy to find in that Menu.. i looked lelf and right in the Menu book ( lelf side is the food’s name/title and right side is the price).. i finally found it.. it was a Steak with salad (they said Aussie’s steak).. it cost 19us$ and a bottle of coke, 2.5us$.. the sauce was ok but when i asked for chili they said NO HAVE HERE!.. Van Restau. is a nice place.. 60’s French-colinial-building.. it’s a 5star Retau..

  2. says

    sorry just correct KFC, i never been there myself LOL
    BOL, i visited Van restaurant last Monday with Kem and his wife, but just to have a drink there. the owner and the house got a long history. i will write about the restaurant more in LAK, but i can imagine about the menu there 😉
    Kane, thank for the comments, i am glad u like it.

  3. pheaktra says

    Beautifully written! The accompanying music sounds great too!

    If she really exists, hope she’ll know how much you love her soon! :) Which girl would not be moved by such a romantic and full-of-feeling song specially written for her? 😉
    Good luck to you ^_^

  4. says

    Hi, How are you Khmer Bird?
    Your website so good now…
    I will come back to visit and listening to the sweet song.

    Hope you have more sweet songs.

  5. says

    Very beautiful song!
    But when i listen to the music I didn’t read the message above (Written with accompany…) and i doubt why there is only music!!?? LOL ^-^

  6. says

    oh it is not a parole, not even a poem but it’s just a text. the music was inspiring me to find the way.

    i listened to this music while i wrote the text and i think it could become an accompanying music for my text, that’s why i put the music here :-)

  7. apsara_cam says

    such a sweet poem kb! hope you can find that someone special very soon. and if she’s exist don’t let this chance blow off your hand. good luck to you ….


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